Why Commerce?

Commerce is a very popular stream among students after class 10th as it opens doors to various opportunities and professional courses. If you have a genuine curiosity for numbers and an interest in business and the economy, then commerce can be your right career stream. Commerce comprises subjects like accounts, business, economics, and finance which could help you in exploring a wide variety of career opportunities in various fields.

Benefits of Studying Commerce
• Candidates with knowledge and abilities, in addition to high wages, can benefit from a career in commerce.
• After finishing grade 10, there are numerous career options in commerce.
• Understanding markets and customers can help you launch your own company.
• There are many of career options in commerce for those who dislike math and want to avoid it at a higher level of school, including easy work chances without hours of study, like in science.
• After completing a 12th-grade commerce course, one can enrol in computer classes.
• Get access to stock markets, funds, and shares for the possibility to multiply your assets.


Criteria Commerce
Subjects Economics, Business, Accounting, Mathematics
Best for Business, Entrepreneurship, Management, or Accounting-related careers
Difficulty Level Considered easier than Science
Main focus Theory-based and mathematical both
Careers Manager, CA, CS, Economist, Research Associate
Courses after 12th B.Com, BCA, BMS, BBS, BBA

Subjects in commerce


Computer Science, Economics, Business studies, Accounts


Mathematics, Economics, Business studies, Accounts


Statistics, Economics, Business studies, Accounts

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Manage Your Time

When cracking the entrance exam to enrol in the professional programme, learning time management skills is essential. You should focus on getting excellent marks and stop wasting time on things like social media, TV, and hanging out with friends. What you should do is develop and adhere to a time management strategy. Make a study schedule.

Regular Study

To crack II-PUC COMMERCE examinations, daily study is crucial. Studying for more than 10 to 11 hours, though, can strain your brain. You should practise previous year question paper with enough time left over towards the end to double-check your answers, this practise will help you finish your final test on time.


Practice test questions should be the basis for your self-evaluation in order to identify your strengths and flaws. Additionally, practise will boost your self-assurance and enable you to assess your preparedness. You can make preparation plans for the last stretch before D-Day by conducting a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis of your answer paper. You can improve your weak areas while also leveraging your strengths to achieve high scores.

‘U’ are UNIQUE

Each one of you is a unique individual with different strengths, goals and needs. “KNOW YOURSELF TO GROW YOURSELF”

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